Esplanade House

billboard and the urbanism of objects

in collaboration with Hanie Amjadian


As a boundary engendered through the work/life, we propose a house in which a human’s contemporary life and the one’s profession are integrated together. Meanwhile, slithering through the public, private, and semi-private spaces have effectively created spatial qualities of it.  This project centers around a “billboard” and “the urbanism of objects: the essential organized indoor ones”. In other words, the billboards with much more privacy are in contrast with the urbanism of objects which have the least aggregation of it. On the other hand, if the correlation between the human’s life and work is one the elements that is mentioned through this project, each of the billboards would contain a façade of screens which are introduced by people’s life and the advertisement of their work and activities of whom get involved in. Through all these moments, this project redefines the new human’s principles where the house displaces the boundaries of privacy.