Hyper Unreality

a relationship between the reality and image

in collaboration with Hanie Amjadian and Kamyar Emam 


In recent decades, from the “Greg Lynn Animate Form” term, and the similar currents from which arising, to the post-digital era, it has been debated whether there is a connection between both physical and digital media as if their dynamic tension regarding the similarities and differences between one another, helps to authentically make a creative agent. Indeed, the robot as a tool, proving a platform for thinking and production in regard with the physical limitations in terms of the material world also motion and gravity parameters, differently makes an innovative medium in order to design in the boundary of reality and fantasy.

Hyper Unreality, is a query to critique the theory ahead, and strives for making a relationship between the reality and image.

Creating a product and simultaneous production process provide a viewer with different perceptions of the project. Back and forth between the created setup and the video as a product make an opportunity for the viewer to get involved with the layers of narrative, made during the project, so that neither does the boundary between the imagination and reality be identified at first sight.


Should both the urban remains and the human ones are as the familiar agents and augments of a dystopian place, the image display through the objects of the backstage, considered to be the augments of the other world, would be the step toward defamiliarization.