between two realms

in collaboration with  Maryam Shaker,Mohamadrezaaliyarinia,Mahyar Rakei


Day by day people of Iran feel pressure of economical sanctions on their lives, economy turns to be weaker and citizens lose their purchasing power more than ever after US declared withdrawal from nuclear deal and has imposed sanctions against Iran. Part of the sanctions banns most of countries to trade with Iran and also prohibits SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) network by not giving credit for financial institutions in Iran so that companies in neither side of world nor in Iran would not be able to trade with each other so Iranians can hardly have access to world markets.In other hand European Union tries to invent new channel for supporting trade with Iran called INSTEX (instrument in support of trade exchanges) unfortunately none of European countries seemed to be able to locate this instrument in their place in order to avoid confronting with US.The project seeks solution to provide free trade exchange all over the world like platform for countries where they can exchange goods based on the values in global market.

Map showing distribution of NeoINSTEX over the world / NeoINSTEX

Following matters that were described NINSTEX is located in international waters; where there is no sovereignty, therefore is nobody’s land as no state controls it. All states have the freedom of: fishing, navigation, overflight, laying cables and pipelines, as well as research, gives us advantage to locate our project in this waters. NINSTEX acts as similarly as sea port. By changing hierarchy of layers in typical port; containers which are stored, cranes that transfer goods and ships. It’s created from two main sections; Core, which defines the location and holds main structure of NINSTEX and its relation with sea, also organizes the layout of clusters. Offices and different programs for human purposes are accommodated inside core. Clusters, that containers are stored within them also perform in two condition; interlock condition that bunch of cluster are compressed, act as storage. They can be carried by ships in interlocking condition and after bunch joins structure, clusters form distance from each other until they reach to their branches, like a chain. By creating distance their introduce passage ways for ships that they can move beneath structure and load goods by cranes. This condition similarly performs as port. The structure size horizontally grows depended on increase in volume of transactions, more clusters join to structure to increase capacity as more trading happens in district which one of ports is located.

Main parts

Project is created from two main parts: core which is stable and clusters which connect to the core and can also be moved.


More levels of storage can be added to cluster to increase 

More bunch of clusters join to structure in X, Y to increase capacity

Mechanism of movment

Mechanism showing that how cluster interlock and compress into each other. Depending on position of the moving cluster (red one) it can move on row or more. 

Unit structure

Movement and Accomodation of crans for storage and port mode

From storage to port

New type of PORT

Typical port: planar relation between series of layer: storage, crane, ship Cluster (NeoINSTEX): planar relation of typical port turns into sectional relation between layers which are defined among each other